Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's been over 6 months and I still miss him...

My Andee, My Boop...My pooh.

I suppose I can call him mine since he didn't really like other humans.  A knock at the door would send him into a panic and have him hiding for an hour or more.  My little guy that turned into a 20lb cat was still able to wedge himself up inside my couch when I would go on vacation and had my sister kitty-sitting for me.  Yes, he was mine and my heart was glad to have him. 

Reluctant at first to add this little stray to my brood back in 2005 because I wasn't sure if my Gilligan and Lucie would like him, or vice versa...I learned very quickly Andee loved them and soon they weren't parted often.  Lucie, the mommy of the group, comforted, cleaned and cared for him almost up until the end.

He was so tiny, but by 3 months he was showing signs of big things to come!

 I have had many cats in my lifetime but Andee was like having my first child.  The love was intense.  He followed me with quiet consistency.  Needing me sometimes for no other purpose than to have me in eye-shot.  He had to be near me, and his presence brought me comfort.  I hope my presence did the same for him.  Whenever I played music and decided to dance, he would paw me on the arm until I picked him up and danced with him.  Can cat's smile?  I think he smiled each time.  Laying with me when it was bedtime and returning to stir me in the morning.  20lbs dropping by your side will surely make you at least open one eye.  Grooming my arms as I kissed the top of his head...goodness how I miss him.  There is such a sadness in my heart where all the love I had for him just sits and waits.

 He had gotten so sick.  It all started out with a condition called Mega Colon.  The vets had him on two medications twice a day. That worked for over a year, but then it got worse.  Several trips to the vet, several enemas, iv fluids, more medications; it was so hard, on us both.  He was such a good boy through it all, taking his medications with out so much as a mew of complaint.  Then I found out I would have enough money to get his colon removed; all would be solved, he would be healed and happy.  

John and I took him up to MedVets in Worthington, Ohio to see if he would be a candidate for surgery and if it would help.  I was so optimistic...I loved my little big boy. The 6 years we had had together had bonded me to him completely. 
 I had the money, what could go wrong?

Everything...everything could.

John and I were told that Andee had a brain tumor.  What we thought had just been vertigo from his medical condition was really a mass pressing against the nerves in his brain.  My sweet boy was in very bad shape.  I crumbled, right there in front of the doctors...I heard nothing else he said, it was all a blur.  My boy had no chance beyond three months and that was with intense steroids not to mention enemas every couple days for the mega colon.  Because they wouldn't do the surgery.  His end would be miserable, intolerable and I would be a selfish being to make him withstand it.  I had no choice...

I let got of my baby boy on Saturday, January 21st @ 10:45am.  I gave him back to his maker.  I asked him to wait for me to meet up with him again where we can live together without grief, sorrow or pain.  I can't wait to see him again, hug him and kiss his cheeks.  He took a part of my heart with him and one day I will need that to be complete.

I cried for days, I cried all the time and I am crying right now.
I don't think I have ever felt pain this sharp, this deep.
I love you my Andee.

I never thought I could ever love
this deeply or this strong
you were my pooh, made just for me
you knew where you belonged

But my heart broke today
today for all to see
you took a piece along with you
to a place where you wait for me

I can not follow, just not yet
my place is not with you
I had the time that God allowed
but now he just wants you

I know I will see you once again
and then we will never part
God needs you with him my sweet boy
and for now you live in my heart

You are missed and beyond.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you have someone you can tell your secrets too?

Secret Keepers...shhhh, they won't tell.

The elusive Secret Keeper - Have you ever seen one? Have you ever heard the tale? My boyfriend says they look like melted marshmallows or ghosts, I tend to agree. This would be a great addition to your Halloween or Fall decorations!

The Legend of the Secret Keeper :

Once upon a time far away there lived a very untrustworthy King. The King had grand thoughts all day long and had no one to tell these wondrous thoughts to. Even though he didn't trust anyone he did have an army of loyal knights.
One day he called upon his knights to go on a quest for him. The King had heard that all over his lands people had hidden "Secret Keepers". The King was not sure what a secret keeper was, only that he needed to possess them all.
His knights returned with many secret keepers whom he told all his grand ideas and secrets to and they lived with him all the days of his life.

These are the Secret Keepers that the legend speaks of and I can not tell you how I came to own them. I have told the Secret Keepers, but they aren't telling either.

© by MeekaMew

 Sizes listed below
Tan 5 1/2"w - 4"h
Teal 6"w - 4"h
Black 5"w - 7 3/4"h
Silver 4 1/2"w - 5 1/2"h
Pink 6"w - 6"w
White and Black 6"w - 4"h
Brown 6"w - 7"h
Olive Green 6"w - 7"h
Lime Green 7"w - 4 1/2"h

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little something from my dark side...(2010)

my skin hangs a little crooked on my bones these days
the unnatural touch of my insides quells the distraught foreboding
normalcy is a fantasy
bred among us
steeped and slathered
into our willing souls
from birth
don't believe the lies
off kilter is king-it reigns; it has the right to our bodies

take mine; i need it no longer
drape yourself in the fallacy, falsehood
the body you want I no longer desire
I see a new face daily I want to possess, flashes from a camera-airbrushed tendencies
dangling before our eyes, allude us into the realm of non-believers
cast us before it, placing it into our cupped hands-willing demons

- Michaela DeVore

Drain my Charisma (2009)

can you see beyond your own pain
to watch my sidewalk crack

slippery slivers of solitude cry out to you
following your trace of dusty foot trails

blindness has a way of overcasting all
shadows only glimmer in the tear-filled eyelids of mine

smiles are wild moments of delirium
shared with the massive hordes of careless [enemy] faces

drain my charisma and gloat with it resting on your mighty shoulders
eat my soul, dine for it might be your last hearty meal

i am done here
i am done here; there must be a better place

i understand the mountain man
allow me to reside in your hefty beard - bear man
i need to hide from it all
i no longer want what doesn't want me

i am tired of trying
i will no longer lie to myself
for i am my only confidant
rest now
teeth are no longer a necessity; in a place where no one smiles

- Michaela DeVore

So I think of Poe (2010)

bird of feather
soul of flight
take me to the long dark night

toss my ashes
chew my bones
use my hair to make your homes

even in death
I won't be far
to hear the sound
from a remote star

wake me again
once the time is right
until then
I dwell with night

- Michaela DeVore

I am your honesty (2009)

         heart murmur's flutter

through my protective boney cage
and into the desolate air


take it in
believe it
make it fact
          drawn as deep as blood on paper

the meaning stands as clear
as antique
as cherished
as a hundred year-old torn note
from a forgotten past
from aged hands

dead and gone

this phantom, now made of dust
holds no deeper secret than I
for I stand the test of time as well

Your honesty
Your truth
I will be your rectifying soul
Making the wrong again right
believe in me
for if not how can I believe in myself

I was made for this
I am here
take what I have to offer
for it is yours

my purpose is you
you are my task
worth all that lay inside me
that most have never see
nor dare to touch
or want to know
                gaze upon it

with willing graces
and divine intervention
I lay it before you to

          I trust you

with what is mine

- Michaela DeVore

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just Believe it and it can happen.

Just Believe Bears

 My newest line of Plush Animals, Bears.  These little guys range from 91/2-12 inches tall. 50% of the proceed of EVERY sale of Just Believe Bears will go directly to Animals Asia.

After reading a few articles - I was enraged at the prolonged mistreatment of animals that I saw and read about on their website.  I couldn't believe at this day and age we are still finding horrific stories of prolonged torture, cruelty and harmful acts to innocent animals just to satisfy the urges of the human race.  With the knowledge that I gathered I decided - I HAVE TO ACT.  What can I do?  From this thought Just Believe Bears were born.  Hopefully I will be able to create a multitude of these wonderful and inspiring guys!

Would you like to donate directly to their cause?



Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Mustache Kitties come into the fold

Rutheford - Gavin - Biliby - Rexton and Hector
Rutheford and Gavin have already been lucky enough to find their forever homes but the others are still on their search!!  Maybe you know someone that would like to adopt one?

I love the fact that their larger eye almost looks like a monocle - it adds to their studious and masculine design, even if they come in pink ;)

Rexton's mustache almost looks like lips...but that is ok isn't it?  

More mustache kitties coming soon??  Maybe >^.^<

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ok, ok so I gave in...shup.

Carlton Adams - The first of the Mustache Cats with Presidential last names.
Yes, I have fallen into the mustache madness but how could I not?  I mean seriously, look how cute they are!!

My personal favorite:
Mr. Waldo Levee - Not a presidential name, but I love it anyhow.
I just love his 'stache :)

More of these guys to come in the future as well...stay tuned

The Zombies have arrived...get em while they're hot!

Dead Fred - Killed Jill - Dead Ned

Yes, Zombie Kitties are finally here.  They have only lived in my head for a long time, now they are real!!  
Killed Jill has already found a good home and will be shipped to Australia soon :)
So the only ones available are Dead Fred and Dead Ned.  
More to come this weekend...

Let's keep our brains intact...