Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Kitties

Maggie - Elvis - Hamelton

Elvis is a custom order but the other two kitties are currently looking for a good home!

Check them out here :MeekaMew

I am currently sponsoring a new Cat Rescue dedicated to the care of Blind Kitties, how wonderful right?  

=*=*=Help Support this Blind Cat Rescue=*=*=
$2.00 from the sale of each one of my kitties will go to this cat rescue. This will help with the expenses associated with tending to blind unwanted and adoptable cats!
Please look @ their website here: Blind Cat Rescue

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kittie Whiskers Family Photo

Dedication Blog : For my friend across the Sea

I met this talented lady as I have met many new people on the lovely website Etsy!

This blog is dedicated to my friend Xamantha

Truly a sweet lady, we hit it off right away!  I was drawn to her through her love of cats for as you all know own my heart as well!  Her art is also influenced by her love for these four legged special creatures that she shares her home with!  She currently has been sweet enough to make renditions of my kitties through her unique, ooak, amigurumi crochet style!

Gilligan - Boscoe - Andee

One more (Lucie) and my kitty set will be complete! >^.^<

Xamantha's Items  are wonderfully made and even sweeter in person!

Special items she is currently featuring for Easter/Spring

She also makes kitty catnip toys!  She was kind enough to send me a bonus one when I ordered a kitty from her.  The cats absolutely loved it!!  They didn't want to share, so I would recommend that if you order these from her that you get enough for each of your kitties :)
The style she is currently featuring on her Etsy is a Lucky Clover:

Check out her shop for a other selections like these:

Bruno, Ivan and Ludvig

Also find a nice selection of KITTY BOOKMARKS, and CROCHET HATS!

Xam - thanks for being a great friend, for the wonderful convos we've had.  You are a special person!