Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you have someone you can tell your secrets too?

Secret Keepers...shhhh, they won't tell.

The elusive Secret Keeper - Have you ever seen one? Have you ever heard the tale? My boyfriend says they look like melted marshmallows or ghosts, I tend to agree. This would be a great addition to your Halloween or Fall decorations!

The Legend of the Secret Keeper :

Once upon a time far away there lived a very untrustworthy King. The King had grand thoughts all day long and had no one to tell these wondrous thoughts to. Even though he didn't trust anyone he did have an army of loyal knights.
One day he called upon his knights to go on a quest for him. The King had heard that all over his lands people had hidden "Secret Keepers". The King was not sure what a secret keeper was, only that he needed to possess them all.
His knights returned with many secret keepers whom he told all his grand ideas and secrets to and they lived with him all the days of his life.

These are the Secret Keepers that the legend speaks of and I can not tell you how I came to own them. I have told the Secret Keepers, but they aren't telling either.

© by MeekaMew

 Sizes listed below
Tan 5 1/2"w - 4"h
Teal 6"w - 4"h
Black 5"w - 7 3/4"h
Silver 4 1/2"w - 5 1/2"h
Pink 6"w - 6"w
White and Black 6"w - 4"h
Brown 6"w - 7"h
Olive Green 6"w - 7"h
Lime Green 7"w - 4 1/2"h