Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ok, ok so I gave in...shup.

Carlton Adams - The first of the Mustache Cats with Presidential last names.
Yes, I have fallen into the mustache madness but how could I not?  I mean seriously, look how cute they are!!

My personal favorite:
Mr. Waldo Levee - Not a presidential name, but I love it anyhow.
I just love his 'stache :)

More of these guys to come in the future as well...stay tuned


  1. D'awww, what a great effect the mustaches give to these cuties! I'm in love with Carlton :)

    It's great to see new Meeka kitties being born, there's been a lot lately! And I like how you're experimenting.
    My crochet kitties have started to change a bit, they've got longer necks now. Just happened while crafting. Don't you just love letting your creativity guide you? Making OOAK's gives a lot of freedom!

    Oh and wanted to say: I'm a bad blog follower, it happens with every blog I like. I keep forgetting, even with the coolest blogs like yours!

    Big hug and a loud purrrrr from my hairy clan!

  2. @ Xam - Yes, creative freedom is just that - so freeing!! I love that some many unexpected things can happen with some needle and thread :) As always I love your kitties and the pictures you take of them are fantastic! Every time I visit your Etsy I am reminded that I need a lightbox!!! :) Keep your talent rolling my friend - you have it in abundance :) I am a bad blog follower too! When I first made this I was on it I am lucky to check it twice a week. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and give me your thoughts!!