Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drain my Charisma (2009)

can you see beyond your own pain
to watch my sidewalk crack

slippery slivers of solitude cry out to you
following your trace of dusty foot trails

blindness has a way of overcasting all
shadows only glimmer in the tear-filled eyelids of mine

smiles are wild moments of delirium
shared with the massive hordes of careless [enemy] faces

drain my charisma and gloat with it resting on your mighty shoulders
eat my soul, dine for it might be your last hearty meal

i am done here
i am done here; there must be a better place

i understand the mountain man
allow me to reside in your hefty beard - bear man
i need to hide from it all
i no longer want what doesn't want me

i am tired of trying
i will no longer lie to myself
for i am my only confidant
rest now
teeth are no longer a necessity; in a place where no one smiles

- Michaela DeVore

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