Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am your honesty (2009)

         heart murmur's flutter

through my protective boney cage
and into the desolate air


take it in
believe it
make it fact
          drawn as deep as blood on paper

the meaning stands as clear
as antique
as cherished
as a hundred year-old torn note
from a forgotten past
from aged hands

dead and gone

this phantom, now made of dust
holds no deeper secret than I
for I stand the test of time as well

Your honesty
Your truth
I will be your rectifying soul
Making the wrong again right
believe in me
for if not how can I believe in myself

I was made for this
I am here
take what I have to offer
for it is yours

my purpose is you
you are my task
worth all that lay inside me
that most have never see
nor dare to touch
or want to know
                gaze upon it

with willing graces
and divine intervention
I lay it before you to

          I trust you

with what is mine

- Michaela DeVore


  1. This poem is so beautiful and sad. Is it about your Mister (who really doesn't look like Johnny Depp at all?)

    Jill aka Creaturosity at Etsy (the dreadsopus lady)

  2. Thank you. I love this poem. It has been rejected many times by "the important people who accept poems for important literary magazines" they said no one would want to read these kinds of poems...what do they know? Assholes. LOL. I still love it!

  3. Hah. Your attitude is brilliant. Screw the "literary experts". Poetry is written first for the poet, second for the subset of readers who might like it. Writing poetry with the goal of pleasing publishers would be akin to pandering poetic prostitution, in my humble alliterative opinion.

  4. So true, so true indeed!

    "conformity is not my cup of tea. Bleed with me, bleed with me". This is how I feel about my poetry.

    I never ask anyone to like my poem, I never ask anyone to understand my poem...I just tell them to open their eyes and see my truth what they walk away with is on them.

  5. Yes it's sad too many people are afraid to bleed, let alone open their eyes and see the truth, let alone walk away with it. Far too many people are afraid to walk their truth. Often myself included.

    Yeah it's ultimately harder not to, and you might get a lot of skinned knees or worse, but the consequences are far worse, eh?

    Even if someone does read your poetry seriously, can anyone else really walk away with your truth on them? Of course that's not what you said. Poetry is the most open to interpretation or all the written arts, I think, but it's still cool to walk away with *a* truth. Or even *thinking* of walking away with a truth.