Saturday, March 12, 2011


So today I am off to BGSU (Bowling Green State University) to take my niece back to college.
Home of the Falcons!  Freda and Fred to be exact.
I love this trip with the family.  It's usually Carlie, Christy (my Sister and Carlie's Mom) and Momma :)
As usual where ever we go we have an adventure!  On top of all that we will be shopping for a few hours @ the Toledo Mall!  It's wonderful there, so many shops to choose from and they have Chick-Fil-A.  If you you've never had it, you have to try it.  They have the best chicken I have ever tasted in a fast food restaurant!!

  Yes in our family
we are all about the food!  We map out our meals almost as closely as we map out our drive!!

On that note time to finish the last of the packing up, hop in the shower and then hit the road!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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