Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kitty Rescue Fund

I have just begun a Kitty Rescue Fund to help a local rescue shelter in my area!!

*~Let's work together in making a difference in an animals life today~*

=*=*=Support my local Rescue Group=*=*=
$1.00 from each sale of every one of my kitties will go to my local cat rescue to help with the expenses associated with tending to local unwanted and adoptable animals!

Check them out here:Heroes of Animals Foundation

Thanks for checking it out, I think it is a worthy cause - help if you can!!

Michaela :)


  1. A very worthy cause! I'd like to help out, would joining FARP be a good way for that?

  2. YeS!! Check out their Etsy site or their blog to see what they have going on