Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little something from my dark side...(2010)

my skin hangs a little crooked on my bones these days
the unnatural touch of my insides quells the distraught foreboding
normalcy is a fantasy
bred among us
steeped and slathered
into our willing souls
from birth
don't believe the lies
off kilter is king-it reigns; it has the right to our bodies

take mine; i need it no longer
drape yourself in the fallacy, falsehood
the body you want I no longer desire
I see a new face daily I want to possess, flashes from a camera-airbrushed tendencies
dangling before our eyes, allude us into the realm of non-believers
cast us before it, placing it into our cupped hands-willing demons

- Michaela DeVore


  1. Hi again. Not sure I fully understand this one, but I like it nonetheless, especially "off kilter is king-it reigns; it has the right to our bodies". As a 55-year-old boobless cancer survivor, off kilter is definitely my body style. I rather like it.

    The rest of the poem is so sad. I tend to take things too literally; I hope it doesn't apply to your Mister, who is nuts if he doesn't appreciate you for all that you do and are. That reminds me of a line from an old song by The Fixx. I think it goes like this "It's not what you are it's by what you do you will be remembered." I like to think it's both, but what do I know.

    Take care from me again,
    Jill aka Creaturosity at Etsy aka the dreadsopus lady

  2. Thank you for not only taking the time to read my poetry but also commenting on them honestly :) I really appreciate any feedback I get on my art!

    This poem has nothing to do with my Mister unless of course you count his influence in my life. He over the years I have known him, has taught me to be more self confident, not to judge on an outside appearance but to study the heart of man more deeply. He is a wonderful influence on me, he is so genuine and I love him for it.

    This poem is about our culture, look around you. Billboards, magazines, sit-coms, movies, book covers...etc, etc...what's the new fad, latest style, how skinny can we get? How much plastic should a woman be made up of before we will except her into the fold of the masses of cattle grazing in the field of the pretty??? Well in this world I am a goat in the corner eating stale hay because I don't buy the lie - the lie will buy you a one way ticket to falsehood and I have no need for it.

    I am glad you liked the poem and I am proud of you for being a survivor, that is just wonderful!

    Take Care

  3. Excellent! I am so glad the poem is about society at large; not that I am particularly happy about the culture you so beautifully critique, but I'm glad you and your Mister are happily entwined.

    Thanks for your comments on my being a survivor, but I can't really take credit for it; that goes to my oncologist, research, and places like the Susan B. Komen foundation, dedicated to fighting this nasty plague. On the other hand, my childhood and father in particular wasn't so hot, and I do take credit for surviving that!