Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eight Legged Ease Mongers (2009)

I take delight
in spiders   
        -her eyes big with wonder-
the maze say some, tangled
mis-shapened homesteads
do you see it, she points   
        -tiny fingers uncurled-
dew drips from the creases
sparkle, a franchise in silk...penniless
        -she nods at my frown-
No dear one, wee one
look deeper, see the wiggle
dinnertime is served at dawn   
        -a gap comes over her mouth-
i warn her of the flies
the eggs
        -it closes again-
eat my misfortune
make the buzzing stop, end
my torture   
        -she steps closer, crouching-
take the itching I plead
I watch as the relief comes
with a sip
drink, drink sweet mistress
taste my hesitance
live on my scorn
infest;  so that I might breath the nights air
at ease

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