Monday, February 28, 2011

The Social Network...

So I just watched the Social Network. I didn't really want to see it until I watched the Oscars last night. It sorta gave me a lil buzz and made me say, why the hell not? I knew that my sister owned it so I decided to borrow it.

I have a torn feeling.

In one way I think, what a cool idea, but was it a cool idea because of what the story was about, the story within the movie or was it a cool idea because of how they laid the movie out. Was it just cool because it was sorta original or was it just original because it was a true life story about something that they have never made a movie about before. I mean would I have found it as cool if they had made a story a few years ago about the founders of Myspace or Google?? I don't know. I mean I have loved so many movies about the true life stories of musicians; was it because they made music? I don't think so, because some of the music I didn't even like. Johnny Cash for instance...I am not a fan of his country style of music, I found his life interesting and I found his struggles and successes interesting. The same with Ray Charles and Eminem; but I did like their music all by itself, before the movies. On to this kid Mark Zuckersomething...I didn't really like him. If this story is a true betrayal of what he was about...a person that had little moral conscience; could steal someone's idea, betray his friend, have little to no loyalty, downplay the abuse he had shown to women through rating systems and blogging. Talk about hacking like it was second nature; almost a privilege to those intelligent enough to acquire the skill and show no remorse as to the effects it caused. I would, no matter how rich he was to become, not have been his friend.

In my opinion, if you are intelligent, wise and knowledgeable and you only use those gifts to belittle and betray; your gifts mean nothing and you are unworthy to possess them.

No I didn't like Mark, I almost don't want a facebook page any longer now that I know so much about him...but if I said I didn't like the movie just because I found fault in the true real-life character they put on the screen that would be unfair and biased. I would be judging the movie based on my opinion of what I think a decent person should be.

I give the movie *** stars for acting quality, originality and keeping my full attention even though I was laying horizontal on my couch...which is hard to do, I usually fall asleep. And I give Mark 15 minutes in the corner to rethink his personality and moral fortitude.

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