Monday, February 21, 2011

So old to the world of the internet, so new to the world of blogs...

I suppose an introduction would be proper blog etiquette to begin with so here we go!

My love for Kitties has inspired me to make the crafts that I share on Etsy. I take my time to make each one original and unique. I don't name them until after they are finished.  Then  I can get a good look into their eyes and personality. I hope you fall in love with them like I have - If you are interested in adopting one into your family today please visit my website:
My other interests include: Piggies, Snowmen, Owls and Penguins.  My Holly Hobbie collection has grown for far too long!! Even though it is hard to part with any of her items I just must!!


A few things odd about me:
I am very comfortable with computers but I completely suck @ cell phones.
I can run a DJing outfit on my computer but I don't now or ever will use Twitter, Tweet or even figure out how that site even works.
I have been able to record wav files, voice files and even make promo spots for my online djing friends but I never learned how to program a VCR properly.
I pretty much ran all the PR in the Children's department of my library, where I was totally versed in WORD, and PUBLISHER but I am a complete novice to Blogs.

So allow me to take a deep breath, experiment and enjoy this new facet of the internet - please come enjoy the ride with me!!

Happy Monday

- Meeka

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