Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kentucky Fried Chicken...

Ok so I had a craving and I gave in, we all do it right?  Right.  Well I proceeded to open my cardboard KFC carton with anticipation for the wondrous indulgence I was going to allow myself to consume tonight.  Boy, did my mouth get a big surprise, indeedy!

First off I opened up my mashed potatoes and gravy.  I had requested extra gravy, cause if you are gonna do it, might as well do it right.  Not only did I NOT get extra gravy, I received less gravy then they usually dab on top my fake runny potatoes *sigh* So on to the chicken, the crispy - crunchy original tasty goodness that the Colonel has been serving up for years...All I can say is I think this chicken had been in this box for years.  I picked up my drumstick and all the skin slid off the bone; never a good sign. In my hand I found I had the super wet, extra greasy skin and in the box lay the now undressed wet chicken meat and bone.  This was not good and semi-gross.  But alas, I was hungry so I ate it. Another bad move on my part.  The chicken was as tasteless as it was wet.  Like someone had allowed it to lay in a vat of water for a few too many hours.  Chicken isn't supposed to be wet, is it??  I didn't think so. 

On to the cole slaw - my favorite cole slaw in all the world...even this tasted bad or maybe by now my taste buds were completely eroded and nothing, not even this cole slaw could save the day.  How truly sad! 

One positive thing I can say about the meal is, the biscuit was good, warm and wonderful.  Even though I told the girl I didn't need honey and butter I still received some and I am glad I did, so I can add this tidbit to my blog. 

Boys and Girls have you ever read the outside of the package of the honey they give you at KFC??  I did!  It says Honey Sauce and down at the bottom in very tiny print is reads: 7% Honey.  This begs the question...what the hell is the other 93% made up of???  Don't think on that too long...

This is all I have to say about this; so from now on no more Long John Silvers, no more KFC...


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