Monday, February 28, 2011

The Social Network...

So I just watched the Social Network. I didn't really want to see it until I watched the Oscars last night. It sorta gave me a lil buzz and made me say, why the hell not? I knew that my sister owned it so I decided to borrow it.

I have a torn feeling.

In one way I think, what a cool idea, but was it a cool idea because of what the story was about, the story within the movie or was it a cool idea because of how they laid the movie out. Was it just cool because it was sorta original or was it just original because it was a true life story about something that they have never made a movie about before. I mean would I have found it as cool if they had made a story a few years ago about the founders of Myspace or Google?? I don't know. I mean I have loved so many movies about the true life stories of musicians; was it because they made music? I don't think so, because some of the music I didn't even like. Johnny Cash for instance...I am not a fan of his country style of music, I found his life interesting and I found his struggles and successes interesting. The same with Ray Charles and Eminem; but I did like their music all by itself, before the movies. On to this kid Mark Zuckersomething...I didn't really like him. If this story is a true betrayal of what he was about...a person that had little moral conscience; could steal someone's idea, betray his friend, have little to no loyalty, downplay the abuse he had shown to women through rating systems and blogging. Talk about hacking like it was second nature; almost a privilege to those intelligent enough to acquire the skill and show no remorse as to the effects it caused. I would, no matter how rich he was to become, not have been his friend.

In my opinion, if you are intelligent, wise and knowledgeable and you only use those gifts to belittle and betray; your gifts mean nothing and you are unworthy to possess them.

No I didn't like Mark, I almost don't want a facebook page any longer now that I know so much about him...but if I said I didn't like the movie just because I found fault in the true real-life character they put on the screen that would be unfair and biased. I would be judging the movie based on my opinion of what I think a decent person should be.

I give the movie *** stars for acting quality, originality and keeping my full attention even though I was laying horizontal on my couch...which is hard to do, I usually fall asleep. And I give Mark 15 minutes in the corner to rethink his personality and moral fortitude.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unknown - Liam Neeson ( **** stars )

This is a must see film. Liam Neeson as always gives a spectacular performance. I wouldn't say it was as good as Taken but definitely worth watching. His supporting cast are wonderful to watch, even saw some faces I didn't recognize and loved their performances as well.

Now, Go See It!!!

Eight Legged Ease Mongers (2009)

I take delight
in spiders   
        -her eyes big with wonder-
the maze say some, tangled
mis-shapened homesteads
do you see it, she points   
        -tiny fingers uncurled-
dew drips from the creases
sparkle, a franchise in silk...penniless
        -she nods at my frown-
No dear one, wee one
look deeper, see the wiggle
dinnertime is served at dawn   
        -a gap comes over her mouth-
i warn her of the flies
the eggs
        -it closes again-
eat my misfortune
make the buzzing stop, end
my torture   
        -she steps closer, crouching-
take the itching I plead
I watch as the relief comes
with a sip
drink, drink sweet mistress
taste my hesitance
live on my scorn
infest;  so that I might breath the nights air
at ease

Family Photo, why yes...I am short!

Now that my Sisters and I live all over the United States, it's hard to get us all together and get a picture with my Momma :) (My brother Bob not included, poor guy)

Christy, Me, Momma, Linda and Debbie 
Three of us have shops on our names to go there!
We were able to all meet up in October of 2010, it was really nice and my Momma was as happy as ever.  I love my Momma!  >^.^<
An old friend that I met back in the 80's in Junior High School had a baby this year.  She is beautiful and her name is Sydney Aurora!

 My sister was kind enough to make her some crochet hats

Too Adorable right??

If you are interested in some pretty handmade items please have a look @

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Gauntly Disguises

Lashing at the leeches
all tattered and torn

Ripping at the horns
that are no longer worn

deep impulses reckon to
gather your soul

taking you into darkness
where nothing will hold

scrape up all the drippings
so no one is wiser

bewildered lights burn out
for gauntly disguises

these masks of delight
some with twisted terror

the flavors never cease
where imagination flows

2010 - Meeka

Happy Friday - I get off work early today!! :)

We might have a new addition to the family this weekend *crosses fingers* My sister-in-law is due very very soon.  If so I will make sure and post a picture when I see one :)  Hurry up Nathan Joseph!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kentucky Fried Chicken...

Ok so I had a craving and I gave in, we all do it right?  Right.  Well I proceeded to open my cardboard KFC carton with anticipation for the wondrous indulgence I was going to allow myself to consume tonight.  Boy, did my mouth get a big surprise, indeedy!

First off I opened up my mashed potatoes and gravy.  I had requested extra gravy, cause if you are gonna do it, might as well do it right.  Not only did I NOT get extra gravy, I received less gravy then they usually dab on top my fake runny potatoes *sigh* So on to the chicken, the crispy - crunchy original tasty goodness that the Colonel has been serving up for years...All I can say is I think this chicken had been in this box for years.  I picked up my drumstick and all the skin slid off the bone; never a good sign. In my hand I found I had the super wet, extra greasy skin and in the box lay the now undressed wet chicken meat and bone.  This was not good and semi-gross.  But alas, I was hungry so I ate it. Another bad move on my part.  The chicken was as tasteless as it was wet.  Like someone had allowed it to lay in a vat of water for a few too many hours.  Chicken isn't supposed to be wet, is it??  I didn't think so. 

On to the cole slaw - my favorite cole slaw in all the world...even this tasted bad or maybe by now my taste buds were completely eroded and nothing, not even this cole slaw could save the day.  How truly sad! 

One positive thing I can say about the meal is, the biscuit was good, warm and wonderful.  Even though I told the girl I didn't need honey and butter I still received some and I am glad I did, so I can add this tidbit to my blog. 

Boys and Girls have you ever read the outside of the package of the honey they give you at KFC??  I did!  It says Honey Sauce and down at the bottom in very tiny print is reads: 7% Honey.  This begs the question...what the hell is the other 93% made up of???  Don't think on that too long...

This is all I have to say about this; so from now on no more Long John Silvers, no more KFC...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tomorrow is payday!!!  Isn't that just wonderful?  Yeah, that is all I wanted to say.

Have a wonderful night everyone and if you are a fellow Etsian - Happy Sales!!



A glimpse of a picture of a thing...they aren't sure of what that thing is; you can only elude to it, whisper it or it will disappear-I believe it may have existed in the 1950's.

colors of alabaster and lime
fitted sheets
[rendered] from mouths with terrier teeth
canines, bicuspids
fight-less nights simper
simplify this endurance for [tenderness]
sheared heart-songs
innocently crumbled as cookies
-don't eat crackers in bed-
lick but never chew
billowing, intertwining limbs
obscured dampness hanging
[agonizing] and humid
listen for the bell
sounding another round

2009 - Meeka

Good Morning Tuesday

Well after having 65* days three times last week I can with all honesty say I am not pleased with what I see outside my window this morning. Ice and snow covering every inch of my pretty Vibe. How sad, how sad indeed.  But should I expect any less in the heart of Ohio, in February??  I was able to get back on a walking schedule last week and I completely enjoyed it; let's hope that the conditions through out this week improve considerably!!  

BLOG UPDATE: After spending about 6 hours yesterday working on this blog, I think I finally got how it works or at least mostly how it works :)  My desire is that when I come home from work tonight I find that I have gotten more followers!  That would be simply spectacular. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone,


Monday, February 21, 2011

Winged aspirations

deep, deep down
the shelter it hinges upon a dream
a fortress of winged aspirations
not my own, but of another
have they become mine, the taste for them is so real
bloody finger tips compensate me
show the story as an ever familiar reality
make it so, they twitter -tweet, sickening sweet
a smell I can't quite place, angst?
calluses of the most remote undertaking
freewill becomes a banished apparition
locked between soul and sand, time and land
best to forget the beginning, now is the constant driving force

2/20/11- Meeka

So old to the world of the internet, so new to the world of blogs...

I suppose an introduction would be proper blog etiquette to begin with so here we go!

My love for Kitties has inspired me to make the crafts that I share on Etsy. I take my time to make each one original and unique. I don't name them until after they are finished.  Then  I can get a good look into their eyes and personality. I hope you fall in love with them like I have - If you are interested in adopting one into your family today please visit my website:
My other interests include: Piggies, Snowmen, Owls and Penguins.  My Holly Hobbie collection has grown for far too long!! Even though it is hard to part with any of her items I just must!!


A few things odd about me:
I am very comfortable with computers but I completely suck @ cell phones.
I can run a DJing outfit on my computer but I don't now or ever will use Twitter, Tweet or even figure out how that site even works.
I have been able to record wav files, voice files and even make promo spots for my online djing friends but I never learned how to program a VCR properly.
I pretty much ran all the PR in the Children's department of my library, where I was totally versed in WORD, and PUBLISHER but I am a complete novice to Blogs.

So allow me to take a deep breath, experiment and enjoy this new facet of the internet - please come enjoy the ride with me!!

Happy Monday

- Meeka